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Get to know the many benefits of metal-free white fillings for cavity repair

Our corner of canyon country deserves the highest quality dental treatments. Led by Dr. Susan Baker, our team in St. George strives to support products, techniques, and services that are safe and comfortable and achieve optimal and desirable outcomes and results. In turn, we do our part to restore and sustain the health, overall well-being, and quality of life of our valued patients in the St. George metro, southwestern Utah, and far beyond. 

White fillings complement this approach and the many other offerings available at Canyon Crossing Dental.

Fillings for cavity repair 

Tooth decay is a progressive condition. Untreated, it can lead to holes or cavities in the tooth. Fillings are the “go-to” treatment for cavities. Traditionally, a cavity was treated or “filled in” with an amalgam filling. These fillings are made from a combination of metals. They are frequently referred to as “silver fillings” due to their color. 

We can repair decayed teeth and restore a tooth’s structural integrity and health with white filling(s). These fillings are made from a metal-free composite resin material. The material is tooth-colored. So, it blends in with the white color of the surrounding tooth structure and neighboring teeth. Composite fillings do not look dark or unnatural in the smile. 

The benefits of white fillings 

Dental composites for fillings have several benefits that go beyond their natural and cosmetic appearance. For one, this material is appropriate for many different types of patients. These individuals include those with a history of sensitivities or adverse reactions to metals or those concerned about potential undesirable side effects from the metal in dental amalgam. 

Additionally, white composite fillings are a conservative treatment. In dental circles, conservative procedures preserve maximum healthy, natural tissues. They are associated with minimal removal or alteration of natural tissue. Due to how we design, apply, and bond the composite to the natural tooth, the drilling away of tooth structure is minimized. In turn, by preserving the tooth as much as possible, we support its long-term strength and the most natural appearance following treatment. 

Last but certainly not least, composites and other non-metals do not corrode over time and “wear” quite well. This feature helps to ensure that attractive aesthetics, durability, and overall patient satisfaction are sustained for life (and as long as good oral hygiene is maintained!).

Are fillings in your future? 

We partner closely with patients to prevent the damage that leads to the need for any restoration, including dental fillings. If we cannot resolve problems with hygiene products or professional preventative services alone, fillings can promptly bring back the health of affected teeth. They also protect the tooth from further damage. 

During a consultation at our office in St. George, Dr. Baker may also discover that a large filling is better served with alternative treatments. These dental restorations range from dental inlays and onlays (partial crowns) to full-coverage dental crowns. To find out more, call (435) 344-4445 to schedule your visit at Canyon Crossing Dental today.