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Don’t extract and remove damaged teeth! We preserve and protect with root canal therapy

Have you heard that old chestnut: “I’d rather have a root canal than [insert unpleasant experience here]!”? The truth is root canal treatment (RCT) has an undeserved reputation for being scary and painful. In fact, it is not uncommon for our St. George area patients at Canyon Crossing Dental to say something along the lines of, “I wish I had reached out about treatment sooner!” Why do they say this? Well, as our dentist, Dr. Susan Baker, will tell you, the root canal procedure may be the only way to preserve a tooth that is severely decayed or deeply inflamed, or infected. It is also the first step in finally getting relief from the distressing toothaches and other unpleasant symptoms associated with severe decay and deep inflammation or infection of the innermost tooth structure (the pulp). 

RCT is nothing to fear! 

Furthermore, by turning to an experienced and competent dentist like Dr. Baker, treatment with RCT is predictably effective (has a high success rate), painless, and fast. We can discuss all the different methods to keep your visit pleasant and comfortable. Also, once you understand a little about what this procedure involves, you’ll quickly see that it is comparable to a “deep cleaning” of the inside of a tooth. That’s precisely what we do! We access or open up the tooth at the crown. 

Through this opening, we can remove any damaged tissues. This part of the tooth is then cleaned and reshaped. The treatment site is sealed off with a special material. This last step protects the tooth from further damage and encourages healing. As needed, antibiotics may be prescribed. Once the site has healed, the treated tooth is restored with a beautiful and durable dental crown. That’s it! From that day forward, simply brush and floss the tooth like you would other teeth to keep it looking, feeling, and functioning great for years to come. 

Be aware that there is no substitute for visits to Canyon Crossing Dental in Ivins, UT. Good care at home must be complemented by professional care at our office. Heightened tooth sensitivity, toothaches, and gum and facial swelling are just a few of the symptoms associated with dental damage. Do not wait for these problems to arise (or get worse). Call us today at (435) 344-4445 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Baker. We may be able to save your damaged tooth and preserve your healthy, appealing smile!