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Restore or bring out the natural beauty and health of your smile with laser gum treatments

Canyon Crossing Dental serves the oral health needs of individuals and families throughout the St. George, Utah, area with a powerful combination of skilled professionals and the “latest and safest” clinically proven technologies. Advanced tools like lasers are designed to elevate the dental experience. Furthermore, laser treatment is a comfortable, gentle, low-risk alternative to conventional cutting dental instruments and techniques. 

Some lasers are uniquely designed to treat soft oral tissue, including gingival tissue that is damaged by gum disease. A 35-year industry veteran, Dr. Susan Baker has invested in these precision tools. She is also knowledgeable in treating gingival inflammation, infections, and other problems with gummy tissues with this “light-touch” treatment. We are happy to shine a light on some of the myriad benefits of laser-assisted therapies.

Targeted treatment for optimal outcomes

When in Dr. Baker’s competent hands, the light generated by the laser beam is directed precisely toward the treatment site. The laser light delivers therapeutic energy to cut through and otherwise manipulate tissues without invasive cutting. 

Conservative method to preserve tissues 

Conventional instruments and techniques have drilled away and otherwise removed considerable natural and potentially healthy tissue. Since the laser light pinpoints the diseased or targeted tissue within the treatment site, only the unhealthy tissues or target area is altered. We do not needlessly remove healthy gingiva. 

Less time spent “chairside” 

Treatment is quick, which supports a comfortable and pleasant experience at our office in Ivins, UT. Likewise, since laser-assisted treatments are minimally invasive and conservative, healing and recovery are further minimized. There is less downtime with laser treatment than with conventional surgical techniques. 

A painless, fear-free experience

Eradicating bacteria, removing diseased tissues, and reshaping the gums for a more balanced and attractive gum line are all generally well tolerated with soft tissue dental lasers. Since this process is so comfortable, numbing anesthetic is typically not needed for treatment. Furthermore, patients with fears over the potential discomfort associated with dental treatment are appropriate candidates for this pain-free treatment. Individuals with “triggers” for dental anxiety (such as needles and drills) also appreciate treatment with lasers that do not use such traditional tools.

Low-risk treatment 

Due to the nature of laser-assisted methods, treatment minimizes the risk of side effects following conventional surgical techniques; for instance, periodontal surgery to treat more advanced gum disease is associated with excessive bleeding, pain, swelling, and risk of infection. Furthermore, lasers promote healthy and fast reattachment of the gummy tissue to the teeth.

Last but certainly not least, treatment with lasers is versatile. There are many cosmetic and restorative treatments that can be effectively administered with dental lasers at Canyon Crossing Dental. To find out if you are an appropriate candidate, call (435) 344-4445 to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Baker.