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Keeping your young athlete in the game with mouthguards made to fit, last, and protect 

Is an aspiring Cougar or Aggie in your midst? At Canyon Crossing Dental, we can protect your young athlete’s smile and performance on the field, court, rink, pitch, diamond, track, or course. 

Led by Dr.Susan Baker, our team in Ivins designs protective mouthguards for student-athletes from throughout the St. George, Utah, areaand beyond. These oral appliances are unlike anything you may find in the sporting goods store or online; they are fabricated from precise molds of your child’s mouth. Such custom-fit “sports guards” slip into the mouth and over the teeth. 

Since they fit so well, your child will actually wear the device as intended. They are comfortable and do not irritate oral tissues. Plus, these professional mouthguards also function as designed since they don’t slide around. They are truly able to protect the teeth and tissues from injuries caused by contact during sports, such as blows to the face from balls, other equipment, and even other players. 

Our guards are also made from quality materials. They are durable and built to last. This is an important feature because of the potential stressors that are associated with contact sports. You need to have strong guards that will not break, wear down quickly, or fail to adequately protect your child from traumatic dental, oral, and facial injuries that require invasive, costly and time-consuming restorative treatment. 

Even after the guard has been made, Dr. Baker and the team will continue to work with your child to ensure it stays in great shape and fits well. During every dental check-up, Dr. Baker examines the mouthguard. Depending on the age and stage of your child’s development, the mouthguard may not fit as well as it once did. Likewise, even the highest-quality, custom-fit, professional appliances can eventually require replacement. 

With proper care, though, you can get many years of protection out of our sports mouthguard. 

Call (435) 344-4445. We are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Our office is conveniently located in Ivins, UT, and Dr. Baker is an experienced provider of oral appliance therapy to protect patients from the effects of all sorts of conditions – from sports-related dental injuries to sleep-disordered breathing and chronic teeth grinding.