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Options to restore the lasting beauty and health of every smile

Over a more than 30-year career, Dr. Susan Baker of Canyon Crossing Dental has refined her skills in restorative dentistry. Individuals from throughout the greater St. George, Utah area can trust that the appearance, function, safety, and health of their restored teeth are in exceptional hands. 

About Restorative Dentistry

Every effort is made to prevent the need for dental restorations and services that fall under the category of “restorative.” In partnership with you, we protect your teeth with routine exams, professional cleanings, and guidance on oral care products and techniques you can use at home. In this manner, we keep progressive tooth decay and gum disease (the leading causes of tooth loss) at bay. However, restorations may be in order if the teeth cannot be protected or restored to health with oral hygiene products and modifications alone. Restorative care generally rebuilds parts of a chipped, broken, decayed, injured, or infected tooth. These treatments include:

  • Dental fillings to repair cavities (holes) in the surface of a tooth – Fillings may be made from various metals and non-metals. Composite resin is tissue-friendly and tooth-colored to blend naturally with the surrounding structure. Dental materials are shaped, applied, and fixed securely to the tooth to “fill in” the cavity. The strength of the tooth is then restored!
  • Dental crowns to repair larger cavities, fractures, decay, and inflammation or infection deep in the tooth – Crowns, too, can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from porcelain to gold. The crown is designed, prepared, shaped, fabricated, placed, and secured over the top of a natural tooth. Depending on the extent of damage, the natural tooth may need to be sterilized. Damaged tissues must be removed, and the tooth must be reshaped to “accept” the crown. Crowns also protect teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy, a procedure to preserve severe damage at the center of the tooth (its pulp).

Dr. Baker’s expertise in restorative dentistry may also be applied to rebuild an entire tooth. She has the onsite capabilities to provide modern tooth replacement with dental implants andprecision-fit dentures and bridges. Implants positioned in the jawbone can stabilize a single tooth (crown), a few or several teeth (with a bridge), or all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw(s) (as an “overdenture”).

Our patients also derive great satisfaction from “conventional” bridges and dentures, which are made to perfectly fit the unique contours and characteristics of each unique individual who benefits from this treatment. This approach to designing replacement teeth supports a natural-looking appearance and sustained healthy function. 

Heightened tooth sensitivity. Dark areas. Pitted surfaces. Loose teeth. Jarring or persistent pain. All of these problems can be symptomatic of conditions that may require restorative dentistry. Do not delay to contact Canyon Crossing Dental at (435) 344-4445 if you are concerned about any changes in the appearance, feel, and function of your smile. We want to get you into a healthy routine of regular dental check-ups at our office in St. George, UT.