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A guide to family dentistry, from infants to seniors! 

It is a great honor for our team at Canyon Crossing Dental to be considered as your family’s “home” for all things dental and oral health. Dr. Susan Baker, has supported the health and well-being of families throughout St. George, Utah region for more than 15 years. A practicing dentist of more than 35 years, Dr. Baker brings considerable experience and skill with her to every visit and interaction with her valued patients – of all ages and all life stages! Our dentistry services truly evolve as your family grows and as each family member’s needs flux. 

Care for infants and school-aged children 

It is generally accepted that the first dental visit is scheduled as soon as the first baby tooth is seen in your child’s mouth (and no later than the first birthday celebration). These early visits are all about getting you and your young child comfortable with our team, surroundings, and services. We also need to establish a routine early. Good habits that promote healthy overall development take hold during these formative months and years. Notably, we will work with you to keep your child’s baby teeth healthy. Yes, they are temporary. But they also serve an essential function – supporting the health and proper development of the permanent teeth. 

Both children and adults will generally see us at least twice yearly for “check-ups.” We take comprehensive assessments during these routine appointments. Our dental hygienists also clean your teeth. Patients and families who are at increased risk of developing conditions such as gum disease (genetics does play a role) will visit us more frequently. So we can stay on top of or ahead of conditions. Professional preventive services, like dental sealants and mouthguards, may also be recommended and applied during these visits. 

Food for thought for teens and young adults

As children get older and mature into adulthood, they never have to worry about “graduating out” of our services. If anything, we stress the importance of making time for dental visits during a life phase where so many school and social commitments compete for teens’ attention. Proactive evaluations and early intervention can minimize the need for orthodontic treatment later in childhood. However, we can also discuss modern alternatives to braces. These alternatives straighten teeth effectively, comfortably, and discreetly. We also monitor for conditions such as impacted wisdom teeth. These teeth typically develop during patients’ late teens and early 20s. They do not have to produce pain and interfere with their lives! We recommend the removal of the tooth before complications arise if these third molars are not erupting as they should. 

Guidance for adults and seniors

As we get older, new challenges can arise that threaten our good oral health. Check-ups present an opportunity to track your oral health andany medical conditions and life changes that could adversely affect the teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth. Likewise, conditions such as advanced gum disease can have a negative effect on “comorbidities” or existing systemic diseases like diabetes. Patients with poorly controlled periodontitis can also have trouble controlling their blood sugar. Poorly controlled diabetes, too, can impair blood supply to gummy tissues and contribute to gum infections.

While we are glad to have your family as an extended member of our “dental family,” we also appreciate that you are a one-of-a-kind individual. Families are, after all, the sum of many parts. We take great care to treat you with the personalized attention you deserve. Call Canyon Crossing Dental at (435) 344-4445 to schedule an appointment. Every effort is made to be flexible with scheduling and to accommodate several family members within the same timeframe for added convenience and as needed.