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Holistic dentistry, what it means for the health of your smile and the “whole you”

Holistic dentists like Dr. Susan Baker at Canyon Crossing Dental account for the patient’s overall health and well-being in everything that they do. Their approach to dentistry transcends accounting for the condition of the teeth, gums, and oral cavity (mouth). And holistic dentistry is also about so much more than products, services, and technologies that support “whole-body” health. 

We are excited to provide a glimpse into what makes holistic dentists different from other practitioners in the St. George, Utah, area and beyond.

Conservative dental care 

Holistic dentistry is also associated with biological dentistry. “Biological” refers to living things. So, all of the services and treatments available at our office in Ivins promote the health of living, natural tissues. For instance, offering and recommending conservative alternatives to more invasive dental restorations align well with surrounding natural gums, teeth, bone, and other soft tissues. Since conservative restorations and treatments preserve the utmost natural tissue, they minimize the portions of the mouth that are altered. This approach further lowers the risks of side effects and complications, such as pain. They are generally more natural looking in appearance and feel in the mouth. Conservative options, such as dental inlays or onlays instead of full-coverage dental crowns, are designed to last. These and other benefits contribute to happy, healthy, highly satisfied patients! 

Mercury-free dentistry

The materials that we use to prepare and make dental restorations are biocompatible. They also support the long-term health of the surrounding gums and natural tissues. Notably, we avoid the use of amalgam fillings. These fillings are often referred to as “silver fillings” because of their color. They actually contain very little silver. Instead, they are an amalgam or blend of metals. By weight, amalgam fillings contain around 50% mercury. This is a known toxin, which has unfortunately been linked to hundreds of ailments and conditions – ranging from stomach upset to kidney dysfunction. In turn, Dr. Baker only places non-toxic, natural-looking, and strong fillings made from non-metals, such as composite resin.

Mercury-safe dentistry

“Mercury-free” and “mercury-safe” are two very different things. Just because a dentist is marketed as “mercury-free” does not mean they are appropriately trained in the safeguards and protocols to remove existing mercury amalgam fillings in a healthy and predictable manner. Our team at Canyon Crossing Dental is trained in techniques to protect the patient, staff, and environment from the negative effects of mercury exposure. Mercury is released into the environment during the process of removing “silver” fillings. We have invested in equipment and training to minimize the risk of mercury exposure when replacing these fillings with healthy and highly aesthetic “white” fillings. 

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