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Precision-fit dentures restore your smile and reclaim your life!

At Canyon Crossing Dental, we appreciate that our St. George, Utah, area patients bring a diverse range of needs, personal characteristics, unique preferences, habits, backgrounds, and everything that makes them an individual! For this reason, Dr. Susan Baker and the rest of our team strive to provide many different options for care. You are not limited at our practice; there is sure to be an option for tooth replacement and other needs that seamlessly fit you and your life. 

Furthermore, any choice you make at our office supports a comfortable treatment experience and promotes your smile’s long-term health and appearance. 

Dentures and partials

We partner with individuals of all ages to protect their teeth. Services such as routine check-ups help to prevent the top causes of tooth loss – dental decay and periodontal (gum) disease. 

Now, those teeth that cannot be maintained or restored with our many treatment options must be removed and replaced quickly. A complete set of teeth promotes the overall health of your body, including the mental and emotional well-being so vital to the physical condition of our bodies. Plus, this proactive and prompt approach to tooth replacement avoids the many potential complications associated with tooth loss. These complications range from the shifting and damage of other teeth to nutritional deficiencies that result from painful or cumbersome chewing. 

Depending on your specific needs, teeth may be replaced with either a partial denture or a full (complete) upper or lower denture(s). These dentures generally look, feel, and function a little like this: 

  • “Partials” – For patients missing a few or many teeth. These individuals still have some healthy teeth. The partial denture attaches to those existing neighboring teeth. The “false” teeth and prosthetic gum tissue are connected to a framework. The framework is fitted with special attachments, such as clasps. The denture is held in place in the mouth when these attachments are connected to the teeth. 
  • Full dentures – Prosthetic teeth and gum tissue make up the base of the denture. Dentures are designed to slip into the mouth. They are then sealed in place with natural suction. Depending on the number of remaining healthy teeth, a patient may have either an upper or lower denture or both upper and lower dentures. These dentures must be removed for proper cleaning.

The fit of the denture is all-important. The complaints that are associated with dentures flow from an ill fit. At Canyon Crossing Dental, we assure you that your dentures precisely fit your mouth. We also work with you to ensure they continue to fit like a glove. Over time, as the natural tissues shift, dentures may not fit as well as the day you received them. When this happens, the denture may be loose and slip around. This naturally affects your ability to function and your overall satisfaction with dentures. 

We are true partners in the dentures process. Dr. Baker and our team are available to answer any questions about transitioning to wearing, using, and caring for your dentures. Additionally, we provide tips and suggestions on adjusting to dentures quickly and effortlessly. Follow-up appointments are vital; over time, we may need to alter the denture to conform to your changing tissues.  

Call to start the life-changing process of replacing your aching or missing teeth today. Our office in St. George, UT, can be reached at (435) 344-4445. During your appointment, we may also discuss alternatives to conventional removable dentures, such as implant-supported bridges and overdentures.